Should the Yankees re-sign Johnny Damon?

Over the past 3+ season, Johnny Damon has quietly become one of the most productive free-agent signings of the Brian Cashman Era. His numbers, impressively, have stayed on par with his four years in Boston (better in some cases), while experiencing a relatively graceful defensive demise.

When the Yankees signed Damon to a four year deal at 32 years old, the move prompted some fans (myself included) to throw our hands up and bitch about the Yankees "doing the same things they did in the 80's". This consisted of buying or trading for players well above market value based on star power, and watching them crap the bed over the life of the deal. Players like Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, and arguably Jason Giambi all fit this mold, but Damon has busted through to become a much-better-than-league-average player in his 32 through 34 seasons, and has continued into his 35 season by winning the much lauded, highly respected Player of the Week Award this week.

This leads to the question (the suspense of which I have already ruined in the title. Internet journalism at its finest): seeing as though he is a free agent after the season, should Johnny Damon be brought back to the Bronx in 2010?

We all know about Austin Jackson, who continues to tear through the minors(.365/.432/.452/.884 at SWB), en route to being the next Yankees centerfielder. But as much buzz as there is around AJax, he is still far from a sure thing. He has struck out 27 times in 28 games this season, and has yet to hit a home run in his first 104 at bats. The uncertainty surrounding Jackson could be the least of the Yanks' outfield worries in 2010, with the team (most likely) losing Hideki Matsui and Xavier Nady to free agency, and having already seen that Brett Gardner sucks rhinoceros sack.

With all of these questions, one thing is clear - the team will be in desparate need of depth come this offseason. The team will undoubtedly be tied to players like Matt Holliday and Jason Bay once the market opens up, as they are always in the mix on big names. Though they are great players, the track record that Johnny Damon has built is undeniable - and the price tag would not be near as much. With players like Bobby Abreu signing one year, make-good contracts in the $5 million range this past offseason, one can only imagine that Damon would be looking at similar deals.

After his first three years in the Bronx, and being off to a world beating start in 2009, Damon has played his way into contention for a deal in 2010. And for one year, he is absolutely worth it.

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Big Dong Kong said...

POSITIVELY DAMONIC! The cash-man needs to resign Johnny on the spot for 1 mo year. Why da hell not? My mans is always hittin da ball, and blastin dat low inside pitch over da right field wall, ya heard? Money ain't a thing, and consistency is what we need. Holla atcha boy.