It's about time

After the report executed by US Senator (and Red Sox consultant) George Mitchell mysteriously excluded any players of significance on the 2004 OR 2007 World Championship teams, it looks as though Manny Ramirez has tested positive for a PED.

While there is plenty of room for boner jokes in this story (and Lord knows I am phenomenal at them), I am far too enthralled with the fact that the championships that ended an eighty-six year drought could very well be tainted.

Once one half of the most feared slugging tandem in baseball, Ramirez was arguably the most important player in Boston during his tenure. Along with David Ortiz (who is constantly hurt now, ahem), Manny destroyed the Yankees, and everyone else, seemingly every night.

After enduring the taunting from Red Sox fans and journalists alike, it may be time for everyone in baseball to wake up: EVERYONE was doing this. And, apparently, Manny Ramirez still is. And he has tiny testicles (Sorry, had to be done).


cat said...

Good to know that the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals Championship included Manny Ramirez.

Jimmy Dugan said...

1,000,000 apologies for the inaccuracy. You can now return to your box of Kleenex.

Jimmy Dugan said...

I think I might rename the site -