Dearest Readers,
I apologize for the lack of posting of late. There's a lot that's been going on, so I thought it was time for you all to catch up. First of all, I have been doing some writing for Barstool Sports NYC, a newly hatched branch of the wildly successful Barstool Sports. Definitely check it out - it's worth your time. I have been adding my bullshit opinion on the Yankees, but the content over there is gold.
Also, the First Lady and I are now engaged, so my time has been precious.
But fear not, The Balls is going to be back and as stroong as ever. I have a great interview coming up for dat ass, as well as the inevitable World Series run that the Yankees are going to put together. Keep checking out The Fowl Balls.

Jimmy Dugan
President, CEO, and Dictator
The Fowl Balls

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