From SiriusXM:
Today (September 11, 2009) on SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio channel, host Gary Williams spoke with actor Matt Damon, who was on to promote his new movie, “The Informant,” and the charitable foundation he supports, “One X One.”

Williams: “Meanwhile, your Red Sox, they’re only about 19 games
back of the Yankees. Do they have anything for them in

Damon: “Yeah, of course, man. October comes and everybody is
0-0. All we need to do is back into the wild card and we’re fine.
We’re fine. Listen, New York, they’re going to collapse. They’re
still, I mean, nobody on that team has won a World Series in... I mean,
Jeter has but the rest of them…”

Williams: “Posada has, Pettitte has…”

Damon: “Nine years ago these guys won the World Series. They
got so smoked by the Red Sox in ’04, I mean, I’m telling you, man. They’ve
got the yips. They’re going to fold like a cheap suit. You watch,
man. You watch. If we make it into the playoffs, man, we’re taking
them down.”

These Hollywood morons continue to think that the world values their opinion. Also, I had no idea that Matt Damon was on the Red Sox. I love when people say "we" like they are on the fucking payroll. Hey, Matt, here's an idea; leave the witty sports analysis to me, and you can go back to adding to the pile of shitty movies that you have accumulated. If it weren't for Clooney and Pitt doing you a favor and putting you in the Ocean's trilogy, your career would be, well, Ben Affleck's (read: shit).


Anonymous said...

Funny. You know what is even funnier?

CC Sabathia - Playoffs Stats - 2 wins, 3 losses. 7.92 ERA. 2.20 WHIP

AJ Burnett - Playoff Stats - um, never been

Mark Teixeira - 1 playoff appearance (2008) - was nothing but a singles hitter

You know what? Yankees = 2009 version of the '01 Mariners.

100+ wins in the regular season will do you no good when you are golfing during the World Series!

Oh, and the Red Sox suck too... WS will be ANA vs PHI - with the Phils going Back to Back!

Big Dong Kong said...

Dis cat for real? My mans, u gots sum of dat ganja u puffin on fo me too? Burnett been gettin beat up lately, I give u dat. But CC is a manimal and Big Tex is gonna beast in da playoffs. '01 Mariners. Get dis guy the f outta here Dugan!! Chump be talkin bout golfin and shit in the WS. Come on. Who the f u a fan of cuz u got me twisted ova here.

At least u know da Sux suck too.

Who feels me? Ya heard. Big mans out.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Retard-To-English converter set up for this site?

I have no idea what this gibberish is supposed to be saying... except that the Yankee's big signings have no positive playoff experience.... and that is probably gonna come back and bite them in the ass...

No go find Rosetta Stone or something you dumb fucking retard