The natural order of things

The sun rises in the east, The sky is blue, Lindsey Lohan will blow you for a handful of nickels, and the Orioles are terrible.

There are some things that just are, and we don't question them. Take last night for example. The O's hold steady in a tight 3-1 ballgame into the eight, and rookie Nolan Reimold hits a solo home run off of Brian Bruney (at least it wasn't Phil Coke this time). 3-2. Then, in the blink of an eye, God woke up and realized "oh, wait! The Orioles are fucking awful!" and the Yankees proceeded to put up 7 runs in the top of the ninth without the aid of a single home run. Now, thats more like it.

Even with the 10 run explosion, the story of the night is CC Sabathia. Another stellar, late-season outing by Fat Albert that we as baseball fans have become so accustomed to. Carsten gave the Yanks seven innings yielding seven hits and only one run. From the third inning on he was basically untouchable.

After the last few years, being a Yankee fan was starting to feel like being a Jet fan. Sure the Yankees always win, but the inevitablility of the team failing in the playoffs (and last season before hand) was a black cloud over the season, and this season had that kind of feel to it. The team was aging with the likes of Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and Johnny Damon all expected to be contributors. Derek Jeter had been increasingly embarassing on defense, and both A-Rod and Mo were coming off major surgeries. Though, oddly enough, this potential recipe for disaster has been the fuel behind what has become the undisputed best team in baseball right now.

We all know that this team is playing loose, fast, and on the edge of out of control; one injury could watch the entire season go down faster than Andy Dick on the set of High School Musical. But for right now, this is fun to watch.

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Black Cat said...

Nobody gives a fuck about the Jets. They've been an embarassment for a while now, especially after their Met-like second half collapse last season, and it won't get any better with Dirty Sanchez. Should've held onto CHAD!! Go Phins...AGAIN!