ALMOST, but not yet...

What's more to say about Game 2 then "WOW!". Arod. Holy Shit! 0-2 count from Fuentes....POW! PING! SEE YA! An A-BOMB, from AROD!! Way to come up big Jerry Jr.

I was watchin the game on TV (sigh, nothing like being there like Friday night), and what a fuckin' great game it was. To be honest with you, I was drinking Ketel and beers all throughout the game, which last about 5 1/2 hours almost. To say the least, the bottle of Ketel was done and most of the beers as well by the time Arod hit that shot off that bum.

Runners on first and second, 1 out, and that jabroni Macier Izturis tried to turn a double play. A reeeeeeeeeeeaaaal Munson. That's how it ended.

But during the game, El Capitan himself blasted a homer, letting everyone know that he owns the fucking postseason.

I do need to address something though to the skip. WHY DID YOU USE SO MANY PITCHERS?!?!?!? Burnett, Coke, Joba, Hughes, Rivera, Aceves, Marte, and Robertson. Shit Joe, I thought Swisher would be coming in after Robertson. End result, the Skip wins. But it was a real nail-biter.

All in all, we head out to Cali to take the rest of this series.


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