7 More to Go

CC was simply FUCKING AWESOME last night. I was there. I saw it. It was one of the greatest games I've been to. It was pretty cold, but the $9 Millers kept me a little warmer. Oh, and don't get the beef sliders, they aren't that good and look like shriveled, fattened turds. But definitely get cheese on the fries. I enjoyed them.

The stadium was rockin' last night and the crowd was amazing. Everyone was into it, out of their seats for every 2 strike count CC dealt. The Angels looked a little cold out there last night, making shitty plays in the field. The first inning was hilarious. My Mets fan friend (rough few years man, sorry) sent me a text saying, "Angels are looking like the Mets out there".

Once it got to the 9th, the stadium was going nuts as "Enter Sandman" cued in the greatest closer EVER!!! They flashed Mo highlights on the big screen and the always there, long-haired fat fella in the bleachers did his best air guitar impression, as he does every time Mo comes into the ballgame (see picture above). Smiles all around and high fuckin' fives everywhere. "CC! CC!" chants walking down the ramps, and "Twenty-Seven" chants as well. Then of course they had the "Fuck The Angels" one going. I only saw 2 Angels fans the whole game, and they were walking the wrong way on the sidewalk after the game. Losers.

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