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With all of the talk of Roy Halladay making all of my felow bloggers go apeshit, I wanted to take the time to weigh in with my opinion. The official stance of The Fowl Balls is as follows:


In my mind, a package including Joba Chamberlain, Jesus Montero, Austin Jackson, and a fourth, non-Phil Hughes prospect is more than fair.

Chamberlain, though loaded with potential, has shown inconsistency throughout his tenure as a starter. I do realize full well that he is only 23 years old, but we are not talking about moving him for Brett Myers here - this is Roy Halladay we are talking about. One of the three best pitchers in the game of baseball.

I may be a little late to the party on this one but moving Jesus Montero, though it will drive the prospect junkies crazy, could be a God send. As friend of The Balls Mike Ashmore wrote over at Thunder Thoughts, Montero will more than likely end up a man without a position when he is ready for the big leagues. His catching is horrific, and the Yankees seem to have first base locked up for the next eight years. Add in the fact that Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, and even Teixeira himself will all need reps at DH by that time, and Montero's future in pinstripes looks even more bleak.

Austin Jackson is the epitome of the over-hyped Yankee prospect. Though he is hitting well over .300 at AAA, he has struck out at an alarming rate with little-to-no power.

As for the rest of the prospects in the system, take your pick. Zack MacAllister, Dellin Bettances, PTBNL, whoever.

My reasoning can be illustrated in a simple mathematical equation:

Halladay, Sabathia, Burnett > Beckett, Lester, Wakefield (or Bucholz, or Penny, or Smoltz, or Luis fucking Tiant)

The Yankees seem to be competing with one team and one team only, and the acquisition of Roy Halladay could be the defining factor over the next season and a half. As a Yankee fan, I would trade three Joba Cy Youngs and a Montero MVP for two straight rings.

The Balls has spoken.


Big Dong Kong said...

My mans. Roy may be da beast in da East right now, but we can't be tossin' all our prospects and young talent for a guy wit maybe 3 years of solid pitchin left. Joba da hut needs to be in dat pen. Austin Jackson, da next king of pop(haha i be playin) needs to be in our OF next season. My man Montero is gonna be da catcher too. I say stay away from Roy!! I get your point, but i just be givin you the other side of the arguement. Ya feels me dawg? I still love ya.

Jimmy Dugan said...

Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball.

Joba MIGHT be very good some day. AJax is overvalued, and unless you see something that all of the scouts aren't, Montero won't be a big league catcher.

PLEASE start writing your comments in english. That is all.

Mike said...

Sabathia is a playoff choke artist and Burnett is an injury waiting to happen. If they were on the Sox, they would be the 3 and 4 starters, behind Beckett and Lester, who, if i recall correctly, have had post-season success, unlike Sabathia and Burnett, and even Halladay. Getting Halladay would only give the Yankees a little better shot at defeating Beckett in a playoff matchup, not a definite win.

Anonymous said...

So you think that you know Joba was overrated from day 1, Jackson is overhyped and Montero can't play defense but the Blue Jays do not know these things? We better keep quiet so they don't find out before the trade goes through.

Another side note, the Jays have Wells, Rios and Lind locked up long term with Snider ready to go soon. The have Arencibia as their catcher of the future and while any team would want good young arms, Joba is a closer at best in this league and you do not trade your best pitcher for a closer and organizational depth.

Anonymous said...

Yankee fans need to wake up. There is no way Riccardi trades within the division . He would be run out of Toronto if he did that. Besides, they would want Hughes not Chamberlain, and Hughes is going nowhere. Stop dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with trading Joba+Jackson, but I'm not trading Jesus Montero. Yeah, he may not end up playing catcher, but his bat is going to be special. He could be one of the next great power hitters, and I think you have to keep that in mind, when you think about Halladay for 3 great seasons or Montero for a decade.
It's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

The Balls got it right.
Montero and Joba and Jackson are no guarantee of future success or series rings.

We can't beat the Angels and we can't beat the Red Sox as it stands.

Holladay makes us formidable NOW.

Do it!

Anonymous said...

completely wrong in every way possible... halladay is a major waste, both in terms of money and prospects... Santana was a better pitcher and we didn't get him... only an idiot would trade that much for a man past his prime

Anonymous said...

fuck yea

balls is right

shit like this gives me a boner

Anonymous said...

Halladay, Sabathia, Burnett > Beckett, Lester, Wakefield (or Bucholz, or Penny, or Smoltz, or Luis fucking Tiant)

HAHAHA making another trade to beat the sox you guys are so pathetic. Win a fucking game against the sox this year and then maybe we can talk baseball buddy

Anonymous said...

This could be the most outrageous proposal i have seen in quite a while. I ask you this: What happens if such a trade does go through and this off-season The Yankees dont have a 2009 WS title and Halladay is demanding a trade? Which, by the way, he can do. Then what? Then you have the Yankees who will have an average age of 33, no Joba, no Halladay, and essentially no help from the farm for at least another 2-3 years. I admit that i am just giving you the worst possible outcome of such a situation, but the problem is that that outcome could be very likely! The front office in the Yankees organization wouldn't even consider such a trade. The risk just out-weights the reward in this one.

Anonymous said...

an anonymous poster here said that the blue jays would never trade halladay within their division! didnt they do that back in 1999 with roger clemens after he won 2 straight cy youngs??
should the yanks get roy? yes! will they? who knows!!

Anonymous said...

I like the Jesus Montero part and the 4th player, but I'd rather trade Hughes and move Joba back to the pen where he belongs I think that AJax is the #1 prospect in their system and they should swap AJax with........................... Brett Tomko and Kevin Cash, people with a little MLB experience so they have actually know what it's like being in the bigs

Anonymous said...

i love tht idea joba,a-jax, montero,and say eric duncan for roy halladay i mean imagine the rotation: cc, halladay, burnett, pettitte, and aceves/hughes, and then maybe wang, igawa, and say shelly duncan nd or ian kennedy for huston street, a group of younger players who COULD, but may not have potential 2 rebound and a place like colorado could be it.

Anonymous said...

All of our prospects are unproven. Roy is a proven pitcher, who may be the most consistent in MLB. We made a mistake by not giving up Phil Hughes for Johan 2 yrs ago. Let's not make the same mistake twice. The time is now to win. Cannot win w/unproven prospects.

Anonymous said...

doc holidays hot...would be great for the yankees...

imagine a 3 sum cc sabathia aj and holliday mmmm gets me offf


kehrsam said...

What is the marginal difference in runs/game between Halladay and Joba right now? It's the difference between a very good (if inconsistent) starter and a great one. Given their relative contract status, this is a terrible move even without the rest of the farm system thrown in.

I guess if you are always confident that you can overpay to land the best of the free agent crop year after year, this kind of "logic" makes sense. Anyway, interesting article, and I certainly hope the Yankees take your advice.

Anonymous said...

What Yankees fans don't realize is their young players aren't that good and the Jays won't just take your deals because you have built Joba up to be a god in your own minds. The guy goes 4 innings every game lately. Do you think the Jays haven't seen that?

I've said it in an earlier post but think about the trade from the Jays perspective. It is becoming clear that Joba is a better reliever than starter so let's say best case he is a shutdown, lights out closer. Then you have Austin Jackson trying to crack an OF of Wells, Rios, Lind and soon Snider. All either locked up by contracts or service time and Lind and Snider were or are both ranked as better prospects than Jackson. Finally you have Montero who is a bad 1B at best and more likely a DH with no flexibility and one of the four OFs I mentioned needs to DH. Why would they want those three for the best pitcher in baseball?

Only way that package works is if the Yanks also take on Wells and that would not shock me.