Twitter is the greatest thing on Earth - nay, nay - the universe

Due to extreme boredom, I hopped on my iPhone and poking around twitter to get some reactions on the Yankees daytime win. When I saw Doug Mientkiewicz had an awesome new profile picture that showed him screaming at douchebag extraorinaire Randy Johnson, I had to shoot a comment of approval over to him (obviously he would value MY opinion). Then a funny thing happened - he actually DID care. In fact, he had a quasi-conversation with me as he drove to Arizona to begin his rehab stint. I attached some of the conversation below, even though none of my readers may give a shit about since he is no longer a Yankee. It is actually a cool thing to have a good experience interacting with a big time athlete every so often. This beats the time that Carlton Fisk beat up my grandmother (not true, though I am sure that asshole is capable). By the way, notice how Dougie gives props to Mark Teixeira - we are kindred sprits, Doug and I.
Jimmy DuganJimmyDugan@Dougiebaseball that new profile pic is phenomenal
Doug mientkiewiczDougiebaseball@JimmyDugan avoid the clap! Jimmy dugan!! Great line!!!!
Jimmy DuganJimmyDugan@Dougiebaseball Hows the drive going? The Yankees miss you - we actually have pitchers that would protect you after getting mowed at 1B
Doug mientkiewiczDougiebaseball@JimmyDugan almost done. 30 miles. I think the guy u have now is doing ok!!!
Jimmy DuganJimmyDugan@Dougiebaseball Well played - safe trip, stay off this thing!

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