The Frankie Cervelli Farewell Tour

Back on May 5th I posted a piece suggesting that the Yankees sign Paul LoDuca, citing the fact that the catchers that the team had in the system would be a detriment in the lineup. Francisco Cervelli has gone ahead and made me look like an asshole.

Now that Jose Molina is playing in rehab games, Cervelli becomes a lame duck as the Yankees backup catcher. During his time here, however, Cervelli has been impressive. He has handled veteran pitchers admirably, at one time sparking rumors that A.J. Burnett would rather work with him that Jorge Posada. Frankie has also, most notably, handled himself with the bat to the tune of a .269/..284/.346 slash line to date.

What Cervelli's stint will be remembered for, though, is his unwavering enthusiasm for the game and energetic appraoch to the game. I am not much for "rah-rah" shit in baseball, but at times the Yankees are missing any semblance of that component. Cervelli, as with Nick Swisher, has provided a youthful exhuberance to a team that was painfully flat at times last year and others. Jesus Christ, I just wrote "youthful exhuberance" on a blog filled with a trucker-like vernacular. I suck.

Anyways, thank you to Francisco Cervelli from Yankee fans as a whole. See you again in September.

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