Just pull the friggin' trigger already

Deja vu all over again as the Yankees are t-minus 24 hours to the trade deadline.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy -

A couple scenarios -

1. As a big FU - the Yankees offer a bag of (old) popcorn and a toilet from the old stadium in exchange for Mike Pelfrey with the Mets because, let's be honest, they are in 8th place for the wild card right now.

2. Melky and Hughes for Carl Crawford and Scott Kazmir ---- thoughts?

3. A no name among no names - John Lannan of the Nationals. He is a 6'5", 24 yrd old lefty signed at $425k for the year. ERA of 3.25 in 135 innings with the NATS. Thoughts?

Jimmy Dugan said...

1 - if Mike Pelfrey werent part of the reason that the Mets were awful, that might make sense

2 - HA - I would smack my mother in the mouth to make that deal. Crawford has a bargain of an option for 2010, and with all of this talk that has been flying around, I would be shocked if the ExRays declined keeping him for $10million next year.

3 - I have always had a soft spot for Lannan, but it seems that the Natinals have some delusion that they might be competitive before he turns 35...no way they move him.

Black Cat said...

Michael Vick is available. He was drafted in the 30th round by the Rockies in 2000.