Downright Philthy

Phil Hughes recorded his first career save last night, which prompted me to put together this Phil appreciation thread.

Since being sent to the bullpen on May 8th, Hughes' numbers have been other worldly:

1-0 W-L, 24 1/3 IP, 12H, 28:5 K:BB, .69 WHIP, .73 ERA

The Yankees have been searching for the famed "Bridge to Mariano" since moving Joba Chamberlain to the rotation, and Hughes has been a revelation. His control, stuff, and overall presence on the mound have advanced by leaps and bounds as he has gained confidence, showing why he has been such a highly touted prospect since being drafted in 2004.
Much like Joba, we still support using Hughes in a starting role over the long haul. In this situation, however, he is being used in the best way for the team to win now in a time when dead weight like Andy Pettitte is clogging his spot in the starting five. That's right, I just called a "Four Ring" player dead weight. Suck on that 35-50 year old demographic.


Anonymous said...

I fall in the 35-50 demo and i beg to differ.So allow me to retort. Pettite 8 wins Joba 5 Wang 1. Pettite 6.05 Ip/ Start Joba 5.29 Wang 3.5.Now Thats the 3 and 4 starter whos the 5? Wang was the 3Andy the 5 and Joba the 5.Now Andy 3 Joba 4 and Wang who. So how is Pettite clogging up rotation?Seems like the mish mosh of the number 5 and the inconsitency of Hughes since 06 is the clog.Not the very young 37 year old Pettite.

NDIrish11 said...

I have to agree Pettite has done what as been expected of him. He has the third most wins on the team and no one ever hoped anything better for him.