ex⋅e⋅cute [ek-si-kyoot]verb, -cuted, -cuting.
1. to carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan or order.
2. to perform or do: the Yankees lost last night because Nick Swisher could not execute a fucking bunt down a run with two on and none out in the ninth.


Anonymous said...

The yanks lost last night because in the 4th inning Melky tried to throw a runner out at third when he had absolutly no chance to instead of holding the runner at first. Texas got 1 more hit in the inning and the runner on 2nd scored had he been on first, tie game in the 9th

Rob A from BBD said...

I agree with Anonymous. It's situations like that when you give up runs that don't need to be given up that end up really costing you.

Talking about failing to do essential baseball things, learning to throw to the cutoff goes largely unnoticed and not enough outfielders know how to do it.

Jimmy Dugan said...

I agree that those little things hurt, but not being able to get a bunt down in a pressure situation is KILLER.

Granted Melky grandstanding his arm in the 4th is frustrating, but you could point to 50 things over the course of the game that could have copntributed to the loss (like Joba sucking again, for example).

It's just frustrating to see all the other blogs (PeteAbe, RAB) saying that Swisher has bunted like 7 times in his career. So what? It needed to be done there. Sure Melky is slumping, but runners on 2nd and third with 1 out negates all struggles ESPECIALLY when Francisco looked awful.

I know I soulnd like I am 65, and keep in mind that I don't particularly agree with Girardi making that call with a .370 OBP guy at the plate, but a major league baseball player should be able to get a bunt down if needed.

Black Cat said...

I hate Swisher.

Jimmy Dugan said...