Sorry Andy

Last night, Andy Pettitte won. Again. And made us look stupid. Again.

On July 24th, I referred to Andy Pettitte as "dead weight" at the back of the end of the Yankees rotation. At that time, Pettitte was 8-5; not bad, but with an ERA sitting at 4.62, his record was obviously not indicative of his performance. After one more bad start for the road on the 25th, the season turned around for Pettitte.

Since that date, all "the Schnoz" has done is go 3-0 and lower his ERA by half a run. In the month of August he has been dominant aside from one start in Boston where he admitted that he was distracted by the 20 runs the Yankees piled on.

Andy's Numbers since July 25th: 3-0, 1.64 ERA, 1.06 WHIP

This turnaround can obviously be attiributed to the motivation Andy derived from us calling him out. When Jimmy Dugan talks, goddamnit people listen. Oh, and Andy, since you are undoubtedly reading this, plug The Balls next time Suzy Know-It-All sticks a mic in your face.

So, in short, thank you to Andy Pettitte to making me look like I don't know what the fuck I am talking about.

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