How does it feel?

After years of playing the "Scrappy Underdog", the Red Sox have finally lost their shine.
Steroids allegations, old, broken down players, and a bullpen that leaks like Edward Scissorhands' waterbed - sound familiar? The Red Sox are finding out that America is the land of taking shots at those that are more fortunate, and the main stream media is no different.
So, I implore you Red Sox fans: shut up. You are no better than the Yankees, nor have you been for any stretch in the history of baseball since the magical run that ended in 1918. A-Rod did steroids?? So did Big Sloppy and Manny. Tainted World Series Titles?? Now you have two of your own. Spending like sailors in the Red Light District?? Check your balance sheet, boys. After years of claiming superiority for numerous reasons, your arguments have gone to shit. It's time to own up and admit without shame what I have known for years:
EVERYBODY wants to be the Yankees.
...and the Red Sox have been better at attaining that goal than anyone else. Welcome to the club.

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