Bargain Basement Pitchers

So yesterday was a pretty wild day. The Red Sox got an absolute steal with John Lackey, who is only getting A.J Burnett money. Plus there was the crazy ass 3 team trade that saw Roy Halladay go to the Phillies, Cliff Lee go to Seattle and a bunch of prospects go the Blue Jays. Personally, I'm glad that Roy Boy is out of the AL Beast, but with all this pitcher movement there is no dominant names left on the starter market. But there are still a number of of enticing pitchers who can be had for a low, low price.

Ben Sheets- The buzz around Ben right now is that he wants a contract in the $12 million range, which is absolutely insane. Once him and his agent stop huffing glue, they should try to land a contract around $3 million with incentives. Sheets would be a good pitcher to target.

Erik Bedard- Similar to Sheets, in that he is constantly injured but highly effective when healthy. The pros for Bedard are that he's a lefty with a track record of pitching good in the AL East, and is a high strikeout pitcher. The cons are He's an injury waiting to happen, and he is surly with the media. But still worth the risk.

Aroldis Chapman- The 21(?) year old Cuban phenom is expected to throw a pitching session today with teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox expected to attend. If all goes well, why not throw him a nice contract? He is young, throws gas and has a high upside. Seems like a worthwhile investment.

Justin Duchscherscherererscher- Justin D has experience as both a starter and reliever, making him a good fit for the Yankees. His versatility could net him a decent contract if he is injury free. He missed all of last season with an injury and depression. Well, a good cure for the blues is being paid to play for the Yankees.

Tim Redding- Just kidding. He's fucking terrible.

Check back later on as I take a look at some bargain hitters.


Black Cat said...

I think Justin D is a solid pitcher if healthy. Bedard is a headcase and like you said, an injury waiting to happen. Chapman I don't know too much about, but if he's nasty, let's snag his ass!!!

Jimmy Dugan said...

Apprently Chapman hit 96 on the gun yesterday in a bullpen session. Jorge Aranguere reported that he wasn't throwing max effort either. Wow.

Rob A from BBD said...

Superman does good. Eric Bedard pitches well. Sorry, I just like mentioning Superman as often as possible.

You're on to something here though. I would like to see the Yankees sign any of these guys. Unless Chapman is actually 26 like some people say.