Reviewing the Move: Trading for Curtis Granderson

The Move: In a three way deal, the Yankees recieve Curtis Granderson, the Diamondbacks recieve Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, and the Tigers receive Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Max Scherzer, and Daniel Schlereth.

My Take: The only debate will be whether the Yankees or Tigers got the best of the trade, as the DBacks got their colons poked on this one. They gave up two potential studs for Edwin Jackson, who put it together for half of a season last year, and Ian Kennedy, professional douchebag.

AJax is and has been overrated. Sure, he hit .300 in Scranton last ear, but he did so while striking out a ton and hitting for zero power. Granderson is a known commodity who hit 30 home runs while playing his home games in Yellowstone Park. I know, I know - he doesn't hit lefties. I'll take 35 bombs from a plus defender in the bottom third of the order all day every day. Cashman does it again.

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Mitch said...

This deal is absolutely horrendous for the D'Backs. Yankees surely got a good piece of the pie. All these moves give more thrill to MLB now. Thanks or the updates. By the way, Premio Foods is giving away exclusive gifts whenever your favorite team wins. See for yourself. Enjoy!