Looking to 2010, Part 1 - The Lineup

1 - Derek Jeter - SS
2 - Nick Johnson - DH
3 - Mark Teixeira - 1B
4 - Alex Rodriguez - 3B
5 - Matt Holliday - LF
6 - Jorge Posada - C
7 - Robinson Cano - 2B
8 - Nick Swisher - RF
9 - Curtis Granderson - CF

I will be constructing the entire roster, as I see it, over the next few days, but this is what I think the 2010 lineup should look like. Thoughts?

Update: I took this lineup and plugged it into the Lineup Analysis that Baseball Musings provides. This fucking moster lineup that I put together projects to score 6.269 runs per game, which would come in at just under 1,016 runs over 162 games. I realize that Bill James' predictions are far from perfect, and there is no way that this lineup would play all 162 together, but that's just insane. Fuck Johnny Damon, go get Matt Holliday. (h/t to BDD for the idea)


Big Dong Kong said...

Mista Dugan... Wassup with Nick Small Johnson? Da man was a busta wit us years ago. I hope ders a part 2 comin real soon sucka. Get Johnson out of dat lineup befo I come smack you up fool! Nahhh, just playin... Ida never smack up jimmy dugan....BIG MANS OUT!

Jimmy Dugan said...

Nick Johnson and his .400 OBP would be a welcome addition in this lineup.

KO said...

I like Granderson near the top of the lineup in the 2nd spot. Nick Johnson is a base clogger. He wont be scoring from first on any doubles.

Jimmy Dugan said...

You go right ahead and put Granderson and his 140 K's in the hole. A lefty bat with a .400+ OBP is what a prototypical 2 hitter looks like, regardless of speed. I dont care how fast Granderson is, a lefty flyball guy that k's that often is useless at the top of the lineup. Maybe Johnson doesn't score on as many double as Granderson would,but Nick the Stick gets on base so much more that he is the more valuable guy to bat behind Jeter

Rob A from BBD said...

I don't think it is terrible having Granderson hitting no. 2. At least he won't be hitting into to many double plays.