The Season Starts Now

The Winter Meetings begin today, so I implore all of our loyal followers to check out MLB Trade Rumors to follow all of the action. There should be a lot on the docket for the Yankees, as they have now been given the tall task of rebutting the ground-breaking Marco Scutaro signing in Boston. Keep an eye on The Fowl Balls as well, as Sancho and myself will be unveiling our respective offseason suggestions for the Bombers (like will they FINALLY fucking sign Mike Cameron???)


Rob A from BBD said...

How about the Braves sign Soriano and then trade him to the Yankees for Brian Bruney?

Anonymous said...

Bruney gone to the Nats....SEEE YA

Jimmy Dugan said...

I like how this day is going...anything that gets an asshole that has the nerve to wear #99 off the roster is OK by me