Please back away from the ledge

I have to say, I really thought that the era of the insecure Yankee fan were numbered after the team mowed through the league and won championship #27. Apparently, I was wrong.

I can't even tell you how many panicky, whiny emails that I got from readers scared shitless because a couple of teams made a couple of moves. Let's be clear, here: the only reason the Red Sox, Phillies, or whoeverthefuckelse are making moves is because they are playing catchup to the champs. Also, if you'd be so kind to read The Fowl Balls roster construction (here and here), John Lackey and Roy Halladay are nowhere to be found. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Yankee fans shit themselves over this kind of crap. Didn't the team just go out and get Curtis Granderson in a three-way blockbuster of their own? I mean, I know Lackey is a good pitcher, but the Red Sox just replaced Jason Bay's bat with Mike Cameron.

So all I ask, as I have on other occasions, is take your head out of your collective ass Yankee fans. Everybody else is still playing Robin to the Yankees' Batman.

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Rob A from BBD said...

Definitely a good move though, but you are 100 percent right. Cameron is quite the downgrade from Bay who was a downgrade from Manny. Their lineup is not so dangerous these days.