John Lackey Should Punch His Agent in the Face

According to multiple sources, free agent starter John Lackey has taken a physical for the Red Sox, indicating that the team is close to signing him. I don't usually give credit to the Red Sox, but unless they are overpaying Lackey by mythical proportions, Theo Epstein did some real fucking work here.
The market for Lackey is completely underdeveloped at this point. The Mariners, Red Sox, and Mets are all very interested in the ugly bastard, and a biding war would almost inevitably ensue between whomever of the three doesn't sign Jason Bay. How do you let Theo tell you that your best option is to sign with the Red Sox when you have absolutely no clue how shit is going to play out? This motherfucker must be like Nick Saban on a recruiting visit. Kissing mommies and giving that hacky politician smile-and-wink combo.


Big Dong Kong said...

Where is da Yanks news mista dugan? i dont gives a rats a-s-s bout dem fugly chowda heads. what da plan wit johnny rocket and japsui? ya'll chowda heads betta get ready fo anotha year of bein our bitch. BIG MANS OUT!!!

Sancho said...

Lackey should have gotten at least 25 mil more than Burnett, not 2.5. Steal for the Red Sox.

Rob A from BBD said...

I thought negotiations were supposed to start at Burnett's deal, not end there.