Looking to 2010, Part 3: The Bullpen

Mariano Rivera
Damaso Marte
Joba Chamberlain
David Robertson
Alfredo Aceves
Mike Dunn

Now, keep in mind, that the Yankees have yet to make a move for another starter, but this bullpen is based off of my prediction for the 2010 rotation. Joba Chamberlain, as I said, is a long term starter - but solidifying the 2010 roster and moving him to the back of the rotation after Andy Pettitte retires is just fine by me. There have been a lot of named thrown around in connection to the Yankees, but I flat out do not see a reason to go outside of the organization for a bullpen arm at this point. Even if the Yankees fail to acquire Derek Lowe (or anyone else for the rotation, for that matter) I feel that Mark Melancon would deserve a shot the final bullpen spot.

There are a lot of blogs, writers, etc. that have pushed for the signing of Matt Capps, but I vehemently disagree. His splits against lefties are just terrible, and some other asshole is going to make him an offer to be there closer. In my mind, a righty specialist just isnt worth what Capps is going to make on the open market (plus, lets be serious, he just got non-tendered by the fucking Pirates for Christ's sake - there's a reason).

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