And This is Why We Hate You All

Boston fans, your team failed you. The money making maching that is the Boston Red Sox lost out on a premium free agend by roughly $120 million dollars, so you would figure that their fans would be LIVID at management right? Wrong. Their so-called sportswriters and cry-baby blogs would rather blame the Yankees for their problems once again. First, Tony Masseroti writes an article demonizing the Yankees and even further demonizing Teixeira himself. At the end of the day, Mark Teixeira is a Scott Boras client. This had to do with little other money. The Yankees signed Sabathia and Burnett. Great. $12 million would have made Mark Teixeira sing the praises of the Red Sox in the streets.
Source: http://www.boston.com/sports/columnists/massarotti/2009/01/curious_case_of_teixeira_far_f.html

This brings us to our favorite sour grapes display, provided to you courtesy of Boston Dirt Dogs. These drunken Irish frat boys actually liken the Yankees signing of a 29 year old, durable, stud first baseman to the signing of Carl Pavano. CARL PAVANO. It must be hard to avoid typos while you are dropping tears and snot all over your keyboard.
Source: http://bostondirtdogs.boston.com/2009/01/welcome_to_yankee_stadium.html

With the Patriots missing the playoffs, and now this, I was not sure that I could be happier. The topper will be when their championship caliber Celtics sign proverbial cancer Stephon Marbury to blow up their team. F*ck you all.

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She wears a Red Sox cap
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