Gambling On The Hill

The Yankees need another starting pitcher. Andy Pettitte remains in the double-talk limbo and the waiting game for Ben Sheets continues. So what to do?

Brian Cashman continues to ignore the brilliant staff here at The Fowl Balls, (that would be Jimmy Dugan and myself), leaving centerfield in the ridiculous overpaid and under-skilled hands of Melky Cabrera while Andruw Jones remains unsigned and Felix Pie was traded for a pine tar rag.

Let me make one more suggestion Mr. Cashman. RICH HILL.

He’s 28 years-old and he’s left handed. What the hell else needs to be said?

His salary for 2008 was $445,000 and by only starting 5 games last season, I don’t think he’s in-line for a raise just yet. Hill was sent back to the minors in May and then hit the DL in August. So, if Ca$hman wants to play the budget card, Hill is the man to do it with.

In his only full season of 2007, Hill started 32 games and pitched 195 innings to an ERA of just under 4. He gave up less than 1 hit per inning and struck out 183 batters, so there is clear evidence of the ability to get out hitters at the big league level. He also averaged fewer than 2 walks per start, which translated to a WHIP of 1.195 (8th in NL in 2007). There is definite upside there and, oh, did I mention that he’s LEFT HANDED?

The Cubs are said to be out of patience with the young Mr. Hill and he could probably be had for a dozen donuts and a fungo bat. What is Cashman waiting for? It’s an arms race, so stockpiling an inexpensive 6ft. 5in. hard-throwing left-hander is a good thing. Hell, it’s just stupid not to go get him.

Hill, much like Andruw Jones, is low-risk and high-potential. Need I say more?

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't he have the same problem that Rick Ankiel went through before he was turned into an outfielder?