Report: Pettitte Rejects $10 million Offer

According to Tyler Kepner of the NY Times, Sir Schnoz has told the Yankees that he is not interested in signing their offer for one year, $10 million deal.
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/06/sports/baseball/06yanks.html?_r=1&ref=baseball

This begs the question: if Pettitte doesn't sign, as most Yankee fans just figured he would, who becomes the fifth starter? With Phil Hughes in dire need of starting another season in AAA, and pitchers like the debacle that is Oliver Perez, and Ben "I make AJ Burnett look like Cal Ripken" Sheets left on the market, what options are there?

Fear not; as always, The Fowl Balls has the answer. I am in full support of making Alfredo Aceves the fifth starter going into the season. 'Fredo threw 170+ innings last year, putting him in line for a 190+ inning season in 2009. As noted over at River Avenue Blues (riveraveblues.com) in their latest chat, there aren't many number five starters who get to that mark. Aceves also had stifling numbers through three levels of the minor leagues last year, to the tune of a 0.98 WHIP in 140 2/3 innings. Thoguh he struggled a bit in his 10 appearance stint at Scranton Pittsburgh Intercourse Philadelphia Wilkes-Barre, the twenty-six year old put up a decent enough showing after his major league call up to warrant a shot. It is time for Alfredo to unleash his creamy goodness on the American League (that's what she said).


Deputy Dog said...

Deputy Dog weighing in here with the opinion that Ben Sheets is in fact a better answer than both Pettitte or Aceves.

Even with his injuries last season, he still started 31 games, pitched 198.1 inning and recorded 13 wins for, wait for it, THE BREWERS. The guy recorded 5 complete games and 3 shutouts last season and has only started less than 22 games in a year once in his 8 MLB seasons.

If you want the real stat, Sheets pitched 198.1 innings and only walked 47 batters. 47. That's less than 2 walks per start. He has just under a 4 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio and in just under 200 innings he only gave up 17 homeruns. The guy is effective.

Sheets is still only 30, which is 6 years younger than Pettitte. Aceves is only 26, but he has no Major League track record. By the time Ben Sheets was 26 he had started over 100 games at the Major League level.

If he gets hurt so what? You still have Aceves and Hughes backing him up. The upside is huge and worth the dollar risk.

Deputy Dog supports Ben Sheets for starter #4

I am the Deputy Dog and I approved this message.

Jimmy Dugan said...

I just dont see a 22 start season as being worth the $14 million he would command. I would rather throw that $14 million at Pettitte to lock down the back end of the rotation, if you HAD to spend the money. Sheets can be dominant and has tremendous upside, there is no question. I never agreed with the Burnett signing, but he IS Ben Sheets. Baseball Reference lists Burnett as the pitcher having the most similar career to Sheets in HISTORY (http://www.baseball-reference.com/s/sheetbe01.shtml). I dont agree with paying two injury risks that kind of money, regardless of how dominant they COULD be. I would take the 20+ plus starts from a cost controlled Aceves before paying that kind of money for Sheets.