Finally Get Our Piece of the Pie

According to Bruce Miles ath the Daily Herald, Felix Pie of the Cubs is "Likely to be traded before spring training". This is a classic buy low opportunity that could potentially be a steal for the Yankees. Pie also has much more upside than other options, including Andruw Jones (sorry Deputy Dog), and would cost less than Mike Cameron.
The first thing most of our readers will do is go here and check out Pie's stats. Don't. He has been terrible in his 260 Major League at bats, striking out 76 times. That Rob Deer-like performance is not what I am looking at. In his minor league career, Pie has shown flashes of the five tool ability that scouts have raved about for the last 5+ years. He has hit as a .299 clip in 2500+ minor league at bats, over a thousand of which coming at the AAA level. His strikeout numbers are also considerably better than his brief stints with the Cubs.

Apparently, the Cubs are frustrated with his "slow progress", but keep in mind that Pie is still yet to see his 24th birthday. For what looks to be a minimal price, Felix Pie could be a steal, as well as the starting center fielder for 2009. I know that Yankee fans are anxious to see Austin Jackson patrol that piece of real estate, but the organization does not view him as major league ready. How about a 2010 OF of Pie, Jackson and Swisher? (who will be coming off of a bounceback year, but more about that later)
There is, however, a horrific downside to this. To be forced to listed to John Sterling's morbidly obese self repeatedly explain how to pronouce Pie (by the way: its pee-A) in the same fashion that we found out that Xavier Nady likes to pronounce the 'X' in his name is enough to make me want to rip my ears off. Collateral damage, I suppose.

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