8 (or so) Questions Fantasy Edition with Tim Dierkes

You may not know it, but MLB Trade Rumors founder Tim Dierkes is also a fantasy baseball guru. With everyone's drafts on the horizon, I bounced some questions off of Tim to get his take on the upcoming season.

Jimmy Duggan- Give me your #1, super secret fantasy sleeper that you haven't told anyone else about:
Tim Dierkes - My problem is that I tell everyone all of my sleepers. I guess one guy I havent hyped up much who could be a ROY contender is Tommy Hanson. Needs a rotation spot first though.

JD - With drafts right around the corner, give me your top five picks:
TD - 1. Hanley Ramirez, 2. Reyes, 3. Pujols, 4. Wright, 5. Braun

JD - Who is your best candidate for a bounce back fantasy sleeper:
TD - I'll take Aaron Harang or Victor Martinez.

JD - With the relatively large drop off at 2B after Utley and Pedroia, what round should I be looking to draft Robinson Cano?
TD - Cano is going on average in the 7th round, way too early for me. I would rather wait back for Kelly Johnson in the 18th or 19th.

JD - WHat is your predicted fantasy line for Hideki Matsui:
TD - .283-16-76-71-1 in 464 ABs

JD - In a typical fantasy 5x5 format, are you a bigger advocate of drafting pitcher heavy or bat heavy?
TD - Definitely bat heavy. I usually wait until the 7th or 8th round to think about pitching, and midseason I'll try to round out my staff using the waiver wire.

JD - What is your snack of choice when doing a live draft?
TD - Sour skittles.

JD - Since none of us are perfect (even you) who is your "holy sh*t I can't tell anyone I drafted this guy or I would no longer be considered an expert" from last season?
TD - How about Kosuke Fukudome? There are probably worse though.

We at The Fowl Balls would like to thank Tim for giving us a little time (again). Keep checking out MLB Trade Rumors while the world tries to figure out what the hell the Yankees are going to do without A-Rod, and good luck in your drafts.


Big Dong Kong said...

I drafted Carl Pavano!! Nah, f dat boyz. Keep da fantasy info comin my mans. Lemme write a guest fantasy blog entry son!! I know every player, position by position, top to bottom! Call me Da GURU. Big man out.

Sam Samson said...

You may want to make sure Kong learns the plural of 'man' before giving him a guest spot.

Interesting blog, followed a link over from TD's site. I'll add it to my semi-regular reading list, and good luck with it.