More evidence that Alex Rodriguez is mildly retarded

As if dating Madonna was not proof enough, a report has surfaced that Alex Rodriguez sought career advice from Katie Couric after he opted out of his contract with the Yankees after the 2007 season. Yes, Katie Couric. If anyone knows about committing career suicide and losing credibility, it would be Katie.

This is reason number 238,765,123,467,876 that Alex Rodriguez is too stupid to make a decision on his own. He has more advisors on hand than the President, and yet he still talks to this clown-faced airhead about what direction his life should be headed. That is the equivalent of throwing Billy Martin your car keys.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

Really. That's what I thought. How fucking retarded is this guy that he is going up to random tv news reporters and asking them for advice. Even if they were good friends, this is his life here I would think that this is something that he and his wife and maybe his mother would be discussing.

Big Dong Kong said...

Nim-Rod. Ballsacks