I love Kevin Cash

I am of the opinion that Kevin Cash should be given a spot on the Yankees 2009 roster. Disregarding the fact that he is (arguably) the worst hitter that gets paid to play baseball for a living, he is funny. I like him.

Cash caught against Team USA yesterday. He was a member of the Red Sox organization last year, and when he was asked about Dustin Pedroia prior to the game, he had this to offer:

"I didn't know Team USA carried its own batboy," Cash said of the second

Phenomenal. Even though he sucks camel scrotum, Kevin Cash knows how to have a good time.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

That is pretty funny. How old is Dustin Pedrioa? He looks 40 with that bald head of his.

Big Dong Kong said...

Yo my mans. That is some funny shit. Cash money on da spot. I watching Pecka-droia right now on ESPN. That fool be bunting, misses ball, my man Jrolls gets pickity picked off 2b. Jeter should be in there. Jrolls, beating dat Met ass though!