According to a report from Boston BJ artist Peter Gammons, the Angels have tried to push Gary Matthews, Jr. on the Yankees.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia says Matthews "isn't comfortable" with his role as a fourth outfielder, but despite rumors that the Angels may try to work something out with the Yankees, the contract will be difficult to move.

"Difficult"? How about "shove it up your ass and never call this office again!"? Although I am still a proponent of bringing Mike Cameron to the Bronx, the multi-year, multi-multi-million dollar commitment attached to Matthews is a deal killer. And by the way, we destroyed the Angels for this terrible signing two years ago.

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Big Dong Kong said...

GM Jr. Haha. Guy was a one-year wonder my mans. I agree with ya Jimmy Dugan. Brotha man says NAH to both GM Jr and Cameron. Wait til next year when Stone Cold Austin is ready to play CF, and we sign Matt Holliday. BOO YAA!! Gmoney Gardner might be good this year, and if not, plug that busta Melkman in the 9 hole and make him earn his ridic salary.