You Sock

So Curt Schilling is hanging up his cleats. I am sure his cleats are relieved.

Schilling retires with 2 World Series rings to his credit and an ever expanding waistline. Over the last few years he was known more for his blog than his pitching. But let’s be honest, cheeseburgers were more afraid of him than opposing hitters.

Sure, he helped Boston win their first World Championship in 86 years while wearing a ketchup stained sock (see Doug Mirabella and Gary Thorne). And to his credit, he did this while catching David Wells disease (commonly referred to as douchebagitis).

Now it’s all over. After hijacking the Red Sox for $8 million last year for essentially nothing, Schilling announced today that he is done at age 42. Jock straps everywhere rejoice.

Let’s talk reality. This guy is NOT a hall-of-famer. He has a career ERA of just under 3.50 and only 216 career wins. He is only 70 games over .500 for his career, yielding a winning percentage of .596, and he finishes in 14th place on the all-time strikeout list. He pitched in parts of 20 seasons and only won 20 games 3 times.

Really? Are those overwhelming, can’t miss, HOF numbers?

I think not.

Schilling was at right place at the right time, twice. Just check is jewelry box. Let’s not forget Game 7 in 2001 where he locked it up with Roger Clemens in an epic battle but was on the losing end when he left that game. If not for a quirky bottom of the 9th inning against the greatest closer known to man, his “mystique” would not be quite so impressive.

I personally loved his honesty in interviews about the game, but Cooperstown is not the next stop on the Curt Schilling tour. I am sure he love the catering the in press box of whatever team he winds up calling games for in the near future.

Thanks for the soundbytes.


Jimmy Dugan said...

Baseball Reference cites Kevin Brown as the most similar pitcher to Schilling over an entire career. Apparently they have statistics so advanced that they take "douchebaggery" into consideration.

Big Dong Kong said...

I hate Schilling. Dat bum make me sick. His blogs, his fatness, and his overall dbagness overshadows his 2 stolen rings. Bloody sock. I'll give dat man a bloody lip.

F you Curt. F you. I hope you get ran over by my Denali this weekend. Nah, I ain't got a Denali, but I have a Monte Carlo wit 20" rims.... Nah, they 10"s, but I keep dem real nice.