Is this what we are reduced to?

Before I get started on my rant, let me say this: I respect Peter Abraham, and I love what he does. I probably account for 20% of his daily hits. That being said, I am getting tired of all of the bullsh*t surrounding A-Rod, and reporters trying to make a story out of nothing.

In a post on his blog today, Abraham tries to stir up controversy between Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Apparently A-Rod made a comment today saying that he wish(es) that "(Jose Reyes) was leading off on our team, playing on our team." In my eyes, this is an innocent comment complimenting the skills of Jose Reyes. Instead of taking it at face value, Abraham fires a shot at Rodriguezz because Reyes "plays the same position" as Jeter. Come one. Is this a shot at Johnny Damon because he is the leadoff hitter? A-Rod f*cks it up enough himself, I don't think he needs any help from Pete Abe.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

David Wright is a great third baseman. Too bad the Yankees don't have him. That is a direct stab at Arod, by me. He's like making a deal with the devil, you get a great third baseman, but that third baseman is Arod. And everytime he opens his mouth garbage spews out.

Jimmy Dugan said...

I love David Wright as much as I could love any non-Yankee. But at the end of the day, he isnt ARod offensively. Chemistry in baseball is grossly overrated; its a team sport completely base in individual achievement. It just gets old when the media drums up this bs - doesnt Alex sell enough papers with the stupid things that he actually DOES say?

Ross said...

I've been sick of Peter Abraham for a year and a half now. Welcome to the club.

As more and more great beat writers begin to do what he does, he will become obsolete. Heck, as soon as Gannett goes under, he'll just be an independent blogger like the rest of us!