According to a report from ESPN Deportes, Alex Rodriguez's brother has been telling people that the third baseman is scheduled to have hip surgery to remove a cyst. He went on to say that it will take A-Rod out of action for 10 weeks. After doing math quietly in your head like I just did, you will realize that that timeframe will include up to the first 6 weeks of the season.

This could be the worst possible news for a team that NEEDS to get off to a good start. After the money that was spent this offseason the pressure is immeasurable on people like Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman, and losing the best player in the world does not bode well for either of them. I don't care how high Cody Ransom can jump, he's just not enough.

So here's hoping that the report from a sometimes-right news source obtained from A-Rod's sister's-gardener's-college roommate is inaccurate.

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