Barry Zito is a douchebag

As you all know, I am on twitter (follow me). One of the celebrity athletes that I am 'following' is Barry Zito. Yes, Barry Zito: the biggest thief since Carl Pavano. The similarities continue, as they seem to enjoy using their under-sized genitalia to bang the same women as well (although Zito actually has the testicles to pitch poorly, rather than fake multiple injuries to avoid doing so).

Anyways, I was reading some 'tweets' today, and came across one that made me want to leave the oven on in Barry Zito's apartment while he was sleeping:

BarryZito - Off day in LA, so many options!...Malibu lunching, Fred Segal, Dukes beakfast, Pooling in the hills, Drumming in my house, what a town

The fact that this ass helmet is so embarassingly bad at his job, yet has a $126 million contract and days like this to galavant around L.A. makes me so mad that I can barely sit here and type quietly while my boss isn't looking. FML.

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