Phil Hughes is not Todd Van Poppel

The Fowl Balls' favorite prospect looked as though he turned the corner last night.

After dominating AAA for three starts (3-0, 1.86), Phil Hughes dominated the FIRST PLACE!!1!!!11!! Detroit Tigers last night. Through six innings Hughes surrendered only two hits and no runs, holding out long enough for the Yankees to explode for ten runs in the seventh inning.

This window of oppportunity for Hughes looks to be three-to-five starts at a minumum, which should provide ample time to prove himself as big league ready. The uncertainty surrounding CMW gives Phil Hughes a chance to step up and take a spot in this rotation. Don't say we didn't warn you, but any success from Hughes will no doubt start the "Joba-to-the-bullpen" idiots back up in full force. That should be fun to read in every paper, every morning (again).


Big Dong Kong said...

My mans!!! I saw dis comin!!! Negrodamus!! Big mans out!

TG said...

Top three statements you never thought you would say about the Yankees on May 1st:

"Nick Swisher is the most reliable relief pitcher we have"

"Nick Swisher is the most reliable hitter we have"

"Thank God for Phil Hughes - he saved us"

"The Yankees' ERA is worse than the NATINALS!"

"If we don't start winning soon we may never catch up to the Blue Jays...."