Following another crapping of the bed courtesy of CMW, AJ Burnett puts a stop to a two game losing streak for the second consecutive start.

Burnett dominated the defending AL Champion Ex-Rays over eight strong innings, showcasing no-hit stuff throughout.

Though he didn't give up a hit until the seventh inning, Burnett showed his value while pitching a three-up, three-down inning in the eighth. After struggling in the seventh and letting up two runs, AJ came back with a much-needed shutdown inning. That type of swing-and-miss stuff is special to witness, and I look forward to seeing it over the 20-25 healthy starts that Burnett will provide this year.


Anonymous said...

And your boy Brett Gardner had a night to back the performance...how bout you give the GGBG a chance?

Jimmy Dugan said...

Hey, I have said all along that I would love nothing more than to have Gardner hold down that spot all year - but lets relax after seeing one good night.

Anonymous said...

How about you relax partner...I've seen you pitch before and their is no doubt Garnder would take that crappy little circle change and park it in the seats...it's not like your Tom Leone or anything.