Big Start

Although he is still only 22 years old, now is the time for Phil Hughes to shed the "Perennial Prospect" label. He has the chance to step up and put a halt to a four game losing streak tonight (even though it's April) and show that there is no need to panic after the tragic death of Chien Ming Wang's ability to pitch.

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Big Dong Kong said...

Yo my mans. Phil the thrill back in the bigs. He got his eyes back. Gonna see mad K's on the scoreboard I hope. Deez Yanks can't lose 5 in a row, dat would just be a joke. I like Hughes, but I don't think he can last 6 innings on da hill in Dtown. My fantasy team has been a mess with WangBanger getting tagged up left and right. The Thrilla needs to get dis DONE today or we in some big ass trouble, ya heard? big man out.