The Final Roster Spot

There has been much talk on various blogs about what the Yankees should do with the final spot on their roster. Angel Berroa, the wiley veteran who looks about ten years older than he should has had an excellent spring training, and Ramiro Pena, the slick fielding youngster, has opened a lot of eyes. Some authors will depict theirs as a heated battle for the final spot on the Opening Day roster and a chance to shine at the big league level. Unfortnately, this story means about as much to the success of the Yankees as my blog posting.

We are talking about a player who will be on the big league squad for roughly 3-5 weeks before Alex Rodriguez comes back. When that happens, Cody Ransom will become the utility infielder and Berroa or Pena would be gone. Berroa would have to be DFA'd as he is out of options while Pena could be sent to the minors.

My pick is Berroa, because I feel that Pena could get more use out of minor league at bats than rotting on the bench at the New Stadium. I reiterate, though, that this means absolutely nothing. Whether it is Pena or Berroa, they will see about as much burn as I will.

Editor's Note - By the way, the player pictured above is Ramiro Pena. Don't act like you knew.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

Not only did I know, but I knew because of that little 90 on his helmet.

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