Color Me Impressed

This Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Yankees exhibition game against Lou Piniella's Cubs at the New Yankee Stadium. After walking the concourse for roughly an hour, there is only one way to describe it; perfect.
The ammenities within the new digs are second to none, with every type of food known to man located on the premesis, not to mention every imaginable piece of memorabilia known to man for sale. The great hall is lined with pictures of great Yankees of the past in a tip of the cap to the past, as well as the most technologically advanced video screens and ribbon boards. The best part is that it is nearly impossible to do a full 360 turn without having a television within eyeshot.
In replacing the original Stadium, the Yankees had a very impotrant mission to keep the fans happy. Aside from a terribly overblown PA system, this was a great place to watch a game. I was sitting in the upper deck (doing it BIG), and it was an infinitely more enjoyable experience as compared to the old lpace. The deck itself is no longer billy goat steep as the level was flattended out and divided into two distinct levels. The viewing angles were just as impressive, especially with the regoddamneddiculous video screen in center field.
Though the Old Stadium may have deserved a better fate, the New Stadium does a great job of mixing the time honored tradition that the Yankees have built with the swanky, over-the-top components that the rich pricks in the front row can appreciate.

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