Fantasy Pick of the Week

It's ok if the name Josh Anderson doesn't ring a bell. There was a slight chance he'd start for Houston a few years ago, but that never happened. Last year, Josh missed out on an opportunity to start for Atlanta. When he lost this job this year to Jordan Schafer, he was traded to the Tigers.

The Tigers decided to hand him the starting LF job and he's taken it and run with it. The latter part can be backed up by six stolen bases in only 30 AB's.

So, is it time to pick up Josh Anderson in a 12-team mixed league? He's sporting a .364 AVG and has stolen six bases on the season. His CR is a solid 91%.

In the minor leagues, Anderson was a speed demon. Over his last three minor league seasons, Anderson has averaged 44 SB's. With six so far, he could certainly reach that amount given 500+ AB's.

In parts of his 2007 and 2008 campaigns with Houston and Atlanta, he kept his strikeouts down and contact high and batted .315 over those 200 AB's. His CR in the minor leagues has been around the 84% to 86% range so it is possible he keeps his AVG close to .300.

Josh Anderson will be 27 this summer and is in his prime. The one thing lacking has always been an opportunity. He now has that and is taking advantage of it in Detroit.

While he won't hit for power, he could provide Willy Taveras-like numbers at an extremely low cost.

If you have the roster space, consider adding him now and getting him in your lineup. You never know.

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I hate Girardi said...

you realize he is up against the yankees this week right?

Jimmy Dugan said...

Well aware, thank you. This is a FANTASY pick. I the article they reference "Willy Taveras-like numbers" out of Anderson. While Taveras has some value on your fantasy team, is he carrying anyone to victories? Doubtful.