Everybody wants a piece of Jimmy Dugan's ass

The Fowl Balls is pleased to announce that we have recently established new partnerships with two sites that are sure to become must-read material for our loyal followers.

First, all of the content seen on The Fowl Balls will now be republished on the National Sports Review as part of their Yankees page. NSR is a site that utilizes a multitude of blog sources to deliver as many opinions as possible on happenings in the world of sports.

Second, The Balls will be teaming up weekly with Fantasy Phenoms to present a "Fantasy Player of the Week", starting on April 13th. Fantasy Phenoms, in their words, provides "objective insight into sabermetric analysis. They look at stats, we readbetween the lines". That's real impressive speak for "they know a hell of a lot more than you about fantasy". You will also be able to read a weekly column written by yours truly over at fantasyphenoms.com.

Be sure to check out both NSR and Fantasy Phenoms, and keep reading The Fowl Balls (obviously).

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